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The symptoms your Dishwasher is having an issue

Appliance Pros Group is your one-stop solution for dishwasher maintenance, repair needs. No job is too big or too small, and each job receives the personal attention it deserves. 

So, a broken dishwasher is frustrating and doing the dishes by hand is time-consuming. Appliance Pros Group understands you want repairs to be done quickly, so we offer same-day service at no extra charge. Our skilled technician can take care of most problems in one visit. Call us or book us online to set up an appointment today.

So if you are experiencing the above mentioned issues you have come to the right place. When you hire Appliance Pros Group our expert performs some investigative work to detect what is the issue with your dishwasher. Next, you get a real assessment of the situation, and our repairman gets right to work on your dishwasher repair service, using years of experience to help us fix the problem. Regardless what name brand of dishwasher you have in your home, we’re qualified to help.

We’re well versed in the specifications of any model or make of major home appliances. It doesn’t matter if you need GE dishwasher repair, Bosch dishwasher repair, Maytag dishwasher repair, or Whirlpool dishwasher repair, we can provide the right solution that works for you.

The advantages of dishwasher repair go far pass just saving you time. Your dishwasher uses water temps much higher than those when you wash your dishes by hand. Therefore, your dishwasher kills germs and cleans your dishes in a way that washing by hand just can’t match.

Also, dishwashers use less water and energy than hand washing, reducing your energy costs and offering a more eco-friendly solution to kitchen cleanup.

With all of these benefits on the line, our repair crew won’t keep you waiting for professional dishwasher repair service. We’re here 24/7 to provide home appliance repair service, including proficient dishwasher repairs. Get in touch with our experienced service providers by completing our online form or by phone.

For some folks that neglect little errors in their dishwasher, errors are signs that when ignored, they can harm your dishwasher, meaning that you have to either replace it or hand wash your dishes.

Let us tell you, replacing your dishwasher is way more expensive. Hand washing not only raises your water bill but will also use way too much energy and time, particularly after a long day at the job.

The dishwasher is one of the most frequently used home appliances and has the possibility of developing some failings at some point and time. Accurate servicing of your dishwasher can help to keep the effectiveness at a high level at all times. 


​​When it comes to time-saving household appliances, the dishwasher is number one. Instead of spending hours standing at the sink, washing every dish by hand, this everyday home appliance convenience lets you have sanitary, clean dishes at the touch of a button.

Dishwashers have a lot of active parts that are all working at once to clean your dishes. Because of this,  they can be one of the most likely household appliances to breakdown.

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Thankfully, when your dishwasher breaks down, we are never more than a call away. Appliance Pros Group has spent the past 15 years servicing all sorts of household apliances – from washing machines to dishwashers – and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

While not exactly as essential as washing machines and fridge-freezers, they have become more and more important in our time-constrained lives. With less hours to spend slaving over the kitchen sink every week than ever, a broken-down dishwasher can disrupt the ebb and flow of your home life.

Our team of specialists and technicians receive the best training, tools and spare parts to ensure that they are fully prepared for every and any problem with dishwashers in and around the NYC area.

That’s because we work directly with the top dishwasher manufacturers in the business, with our staff receiving training from top brands such as Viking, KitchenAid, GE, and extensive in-house training on the likes of Bosch, Hotpoint, Whirpool and more. Due to our ongoing training efforts, our staff understand the inner-workings of machines that are either 10-years-old or 10-weeks-old.

  • Tripping the electrics
  • Hot water problems
  • Dishwasher leaking from motor area

Dishwasher repair you have to know about

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