The good news is that you may not have to purchase a new microwave.  All problems microwaves may have can be fixed.

It is important to have your microwave repaired by a professional to avoid further damage if someone without the know-how tampers with it. Therefore be careful when you choose a repair company for your appliances. 

If you are looking for a microwave oven repair service, look no further than Appliance Pros Group. We provide our customers with fast, reliable and affordable oven repair usually the same day you request. All our appliance technicians are certified, trained and insured. 

Cooking is a breeze and a time saver with a microwave oven. They make it easy to heat or re-heat meals, make popcorn and quickly warm beverages. The new inverter technology helps to evenly heat anything from breakfast foods to dinner meals. When your microwave no longer works correctly or has completely stopped working it could take hours instead of minutes to prepare a meal on the stove or oven.


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All microwaves are repairable and we service most brands and models!Appliance Pros Group, an experienced a ppliance repair service company will send a microwave repair technician to your home to diagnose the problem, give you a quote, order the necessary parts and have it working as good as new in a very short time.

The customer care agent on the other side of the line could advise you how to sort a small problem with your microwave.

At Appliance Pros Group, we repair both wall, over the range and freestanding microwave ovens. 

Appliance Pros Group is your one-stop solution for microwave maintenance, repair needs. No job is too big or too small, and each job receives the personal attention it deserves. 

The Microwave oven issues we fix

  • Lid switches
  • Thermocouples
  • Tripping electrics
  • Timers and fans
  • Magnetrons
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Transformers
  • Control panel elements
  • Switches
  • Fan motors
  • High voltage fuses
  • Fans
  • Door switches
  • Turntable motors
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

The microwave oven has become the centre of any family kitchen, and a non-functioning one can turn any household upside down in the fast paced New York city life.

That's why it is so critical to call technicians right away, whenever you have noticed that your microwave oven is malfunctioning. 

Invite one of certified technician from Appliance Pros Group and join thousands of happy customers all around New York City. Results are very satisfying! We can provide same day microwave oven or any other appliance repair service and dispatch trained and certified technitions to resolve problems with your appliance. 

We will provide you with an estimate that you approve before we perform any oven or appliance repair. Our reasonably priced services will allow you to get the best appliance repair service at an affordable rate. We back up our work with a 100% Guarantee. Our technician is professionally trained and has 25 years of experience in the industry. 

  • Electrodes
  • Doors
  • Fan elements
  • Base elements
  • Bulbs
  • Main leads
  • Monitor fuses
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