Proper ventilation is one of the most important factors in a kitchen.

As professional ranges / stoves increase higher BTU output, there is an important need for more powerful venting. 

Professional hoods help to remove smoke, steam, and odors produced when cooking.

Your range hood is an integral part of your ventilation system, so if it’s not working properly, your air quality suffers.

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Cooking grease, vapour, and smoke can stick to and damage cabinetry and paint. It can even cause the growth of molds!

With powerful multi-speed blowers to whisk away smoke and odors, along with halogen lighting to elegantly illuminate cooking areas, ventilation hoods offer a vast array of useful, attractive options engineered to enhance any kitchen design, safety and quality.

Every now and then, a range hood can stop working and fill your kitchen with smoke. Appliance Pros Group specializes on repairing all kinds of range hoods. 

Extractor hood repair is generally a quick and simple process, and our team of fully trained technicians can carry out all work in an efficient manner, getting your vital kitchen ventilation system operational again as quickly as possible.  We have the skill and experience necessary to offer the highest quality hood repair service to customers throughout New York City and its boroughs.

Whether ducted, non-ducted or recirculating, our experts will get it working properly. Under cabinet hoods, integrated microwave range hoods, and custom built are no problem for our highly skilled technicians either. Wall-mounted and island canopy chimney hoods, as well as downdraft hoods, are no issue either.

  • Rangehood push button / front control panel will not light up or function
  • Rangehood does not turn on.
  • Rangehood is excessively noisy.
  • Rangehood does not provide adequate ventilation.
  • Rangehood emits burning smell or other unsightly odours.
  • Rangehood has come away from the wall.

Common Range Hood / Exhaust issues we come across on an almost daily basis

There a lots of reasons why your range hood may be not functioning well and causing the issues listed above:

  • The location of a kitchen exhaust fan can sometimes cause the wiring to melt. The wires can also become loose or frayed.
  • A build-up of condensation in the kitchen exhaust fan can result in moisture dripping from it and causing staining to the surface beneath.
  • The fuse may be blown and tripping the circuit breaker
  • The most popular reason is  broken fan blade, kitchen exhaust fan motor, or blower motor that has stopped working.

These things all signify possible range hood issues. That's why it is so critical to call technicians right away, whenever you notice that your ventilation hood is malfunctioning. 

Range Hood / Exhaust issues we fix

Our highly experienced and trained technicians can easily undertake the followings:

Invite one of certified technician from Appliance Pros Group to get you ventilation hood, exhaust fixed  and join thousands of happy customers all around New York City. Results are very satisfying!

Appliance Pros Group will get your range hood back up and running quickly so you can move on with your day and start enjoying your kitchen again. 

Call us today to schedule your range ventilation hood, exhaust service or repair!

  • Vibration and noise problems
  • Broken level settings
  • Weak extraction
  • Timers and fans
  • Faulty buttons
  • New filters
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Fan and motor issues
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